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Doctors says: - 1 hour workout is good for health.

I know you all be thinking about this off topic heading of mines. Then let me co-relate it for you. But before I do I wana share something about the rising demand of my part of the region where I live. Hear in Qatar we use and depend on oil a lot like rest of the world, which sometimes makes me worry ad wana do something better for the people. Its time for us all to switch to energy saving mod. Can we save and use at the same time? Can energy be use frequently but cheaply also? Busyness rule is if demand rise then prices also rises. Every one in current era need electric energy so much. Look at IT industry. It won’t exist with our it. Computers are so much dependence on electric energy. Electric is the soul of IT industry. These all factors contribute towards the pricing of IT equipment and computer hardware and else.

Fujitsu is doing well by introducing green energy. Because they are well aware of it.



           After considering all this I came with an idea which can reduce some stress over the industry. It’s still under process. But thanks to Fujitsu which granted me platform to share with you.


Free Electricity

  Yes, I know it sound impossible. But not impossible. Need proper managing and thinking and planning. Every day why I wake up in the morning I go to gym daily 1-2 hour bicycle workout 5 days a week. I love bicycle riding. I work out in close by a very popular big my community gym in my area. I am turning my iPod on and then burning and sweating calories out. At the same time I be looking at hundreds of people close by me doing same repeatedly every day. BINGO!  I realized while working so hard on bicycle and still standing on the same point going nowhere, we can utilize this energy. Because we r waiting energy and not utilizing it. Well that’s why we go to gym at the first place.

 So, why not utilize all this wasted form of energy which is in kinetic form and transfer it into electric form and then save it.


 I had been thinking that to have energy producing turbine which works without electric but though it produces electric. Those who are familiar with motor engineering might be able to understand more. You guys might have noticed when little kids destroy their old car toys. You can see the small motor coming out of the plastic car shape body. That motor is the main part of the toy which makes that car goes back and forth so quickly. That electromagnetic type or kind of motor does a lot of work. You can see a small rod coming out of that motor (rotator). That rotator is attached with a belt towards another part which is attached to the 2 batteries wit wires. That rotator moves that current which is flowing to the motor produce energy which makes that motor moves and car moves back and forth. What I been thinking is why not replace those 2 batteries with 2 persons who are working-out on that bicycle.  By attaching the belt to the rotator. We can put rechargeable batteries under the basement of that huge gym. This gets energy from those bycycles over the floor. I know that is very small amount of energy to run a heavy machine or a factory. But we can use this kind of energy in business companies’ laptops and big main frame computer machines which are on and on standby 24/7 due to disaster recovery plan policy.

Distribution We can distribute it to the consumer very easily. It’s friendly to being adopt. You might have noticed in your offices few cubes away from your cube a water fountain sitting and providing water supply to the whole office. Yes we can replace that water bottle with my battery and replace water hose with a plug in. And give to all small families and business companies all they have to do is plug in their plug in it to start having some electricity. You can buy these batteries same place and way you buy you refills of that water bottles.

That’s all. Thanks Guys be easy on me if I went too far for being crazy LOL.



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Nice.The same concept of the cycle dynamo that generates power to light the bulb. It's quite novel to think of harnessing it from Gyms especially in an age where everyone is a fitness awareness freak. There are also similar concepts from another animal that is a fitness freak....Hamsters. chk out these links

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