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Hi there!

Hi there all :) How was your summer? Mine was great. having so much good time spending it with my friends and family. Ofcourse Fall isn't a Fall if there is no Lifebook4Life blog contest...and so i(and surely many more) would love to know when is

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Always connected but still offline

Technology enables us to achieve things that weren't previously possible and innovative office solutions both support employees' way of working and improve companies business by allowing us to work smarter. The Insiders have written about their wo

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Life with working inside

My working day starts with my phone alarm ringing.
It's time to take it from the bedside table and look for emails.
Then I go to the office, where I bring my U772 and I sit on my desk  where I find my workstation PC with dual monitor setu

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Work without a workplace

Since my departure from the world of regular work (I am now a stay-at-home dad with intermittent projects on the go), I have been left with an unusual situation. I have no classroom, no office and no regular appointments.  Things are certainl

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