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I am a 59 years old. But still going strong and addicted to change. I love to develop new things and to motivate people to see the chances in live.

In earlier days I was ICT manager. About six years ago I came across my first Fujitsu a Lifebook P1610. I kept in "contact" and since that moment I have experienced a few other Fujitsu devices: -)
My latest discovery was the Q550 tablet. I use this nice tablet daily.
Now I am testing the beautiful Fujitsu Lifebook Ultra U772. It is red, thin and fast. Everything you expect from a modern nowadays notebook.

In the working environment it is great for meetings, I use Jeff Meetings to store my meeting documents and read them electronically during the meetings. With digital notes I keep all the items together.

I live and work in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It is quite a modern city, with some (for European standard) high-rises. I love modern architecture and play golf each Sunday morning, together with Gertrude my wife. My home golf course is “Crayesteyn” in Dordrecht.

Also the river in the middle of town and the very large harbor is an attractive feature from Rotterdam for me. Being on the water is great and I do that through cruising. Holland America Line is now cruising out of Rotterdam, which makes it even more tempting.

I am a huge Saab fan, so I am very disappointed that the company went bankrupt. So I might be forced to change to my second choice Citroën.

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Welcome to Rotterdam

Welcome to Rotterdam, city of Desiderius Erasmus, one of the largest ports of the World, three professional football clubs, a quite modern city centre. The river Maas flows right next to the city centre and  divides the town into two parts.

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Bad luck and Happiness

The package arrived (to my happiness) last Friday. Bad luck, I was not at home. package was accepted by a neighbour (happines). Bad luck the neighbour was out till Saturday morning.

Saturday morning I received the package (Luck) My home ADSL was

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